Why does God allow suffering and evil in the world?

So to summarize, we can say that sufferings occur to teach us that we must adhere to Allah’s natural and moral laws. It is sometimes to punish those who violate Allah’s natural or moral laws. It is to test our faith in Allah and to test our commitment to human values and charity.

Whenever we encounter suffering we should ask ourselves, “Have we broken any law of Allah?” Let us study the cause of the problem and use the corrective methods. “Could it be a punishment?” Let us repent and ask forgiveness and reform our ways. “Could it be a test and trial for us?” Let us work hard to pass this test.

Believers face the sufferings with prayers, repentance and good deeds. The non-believers face the sufferings with doubts and confusions. They blame Allah or make arguments against Him.

May Allah keep us on the right path.

Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, Why Does Allah Allow Suffering and Evil in the World?

Arrogance can be blinding

What kind of proof would you be looking for to believe in God? People before us wanted more proof of God and they were sent prophets and messengers with miracles to proof His existence yet most still haven’t believed. Arrogance plays a big role here as no matter what you see, hear, or touch will still not suffice. As a believer, the signs and proof of God’s existence is all around us and within us. A simple example is you. Your anatomy. How every single organ operates and functions and how highly sophisticated and articulate they are yet they all work in harmony. That alone has thousands of signs for a Master Creator. But we simply don’t bother pondering and thinking deeply about it. Our arrogance can be so powerful it blinds us from all proof.