Sunday, June 26th 2011

Windows Phones are great devices and they run on a wonderfully unique platform that seems to simply make sense right out of the box. But of course nothing is perfect and no matter how great the operating system is it also comes with its own quirks.

Hardware wise, since I am using a Samsung Focus, my main disappointment is the touch buttons that I keep mistakenly hit whenever I try to rotate the device to landscape mode to view a video for instance or whenever I try to take a picture.

The other hardware issue I am facing is due to the locations of both the power button and the volume control buttons on either side of the device. They are located exactly opposite to one another which causes me to hit them both accidentally when I try to hit the power button to wake up the device. That usually confuses the device or me personally.

On the software side, I can’t complain much since it’s in its first stages of maturity, so there is still a long road ahead before I could state my criticism. Maybe I could start complaining after Mango is released, if there is anything to complain about.

In general, I do like (maybe even love) the user experience and the concept behind combining similar activities in hubs, it just makes sense instead of jumping from one app to another.

I am certain that Mango is gonna make things even better for Windows Phones, not to mention Nokia’s adoption for the platform over MeeGo.

What’s New With Microsoft Zune?

Ever since Microsoft shifted focus to Windows Phone 7 there has been nothing new in the Zune department. It’s like Microsoft completely switched all its resources and dedication to marketing and pushing the Windows Phone 7 platform, and I don’t blame them. Windows Phone 7 is the new kid in town when it comes to mobile operating systems and Microsoft needs to prove themselves to phone manufacturers and wireless carriers. But that doesn’t mean they should forget about Zune players completely.

There are still thousands (if not millions) of owners of the original Zune and Zune HD and I believe they would like to know “what’s next” when it comes to Zune. Microsoft seems to release an app in the Zune Marketplace not very often and it has to come from them and not from any third party developer which raises concerns on how will it continue to evolve and gain market share like that.

I believe Microsoft is trying to (and will) build an ecosystem that encompasses Zune players, Windows Phones and Windows 7. Doing so might take time and money to get there. All I am saying is that recently it feels like there is no one working in the Zune department and I am sure lots of people are interested in knowing where Zune sits in Microsoft’s roadmap.

Samsung Focus is Coming to Rogers

The first Windows Phone 7 is coming to Rogers in the form of a Samsung Focus smartphone. Think of it as the Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphone but infused with Windows Phone 7’s goodness along with some minor hardware changes.

I like the fact that it has a 4″ touchscreen and 512MB of RAM with Samsung’s 1GHz processor. That’s a lot to drool for and hours spent day dreaming about.

That being said, I am up for a device upgrade on Rogers and the arrival of the Samsung Focus on Rogers is imminent. Should I upgrade to the first Windows Phone 7 to land in Canada or pick another Android smartphone? Of course both platforms have their pros and cons and I can’t hide the fact that Windows Phone 7 has more cons than pros compared to Android. But still, there is something attractive about Windows Phone 7 that acts as a serious gravitational pull towards it.

It’s going to be a hard decision.

Windows Phone 7 Push Notification

Has anyone heard Steve Ballmer talk about push notification for Windows Phone 7? We know it has a robust unobtrusive notification system but no one mentioned if it supports push notification like on the BlackBerry and Android. To me, that’s a definite deal breaker. I mean, Windows Phone 7 has all the bells and whistles you could think of (not including copy/paste and 3rd party multitasking) but all that wouldn’t matter if I have to setup my Windows Phone to check my email every 10 minutes. It’s almost 2011, get with the program Microsoft…or correct me if I am wrong.

Samsung i900 is Officially Announced

A few moments ago I decided to check out and I noticed they posted official news and pictures of the much anticipated Samsung i900 “Omnia”. 

Apparently, the screen size isn’t 3.5″ as all previous posts have mentioned. Instead, the screen size actually is 3.2″. And that black square-shapped flat surface located at the bottom of the device is actually the previously seen optical mouse which seemed to dissappoint most people.

Another interesting piece of information that I didn’t know about is the device’s built in accelerometer. Which means the screen will automatically rotate if flipped to its side.

It also sounds like there will be two versions of this phone. One with 8 Gb of storage and another with 16 Gb. And it also supports miniSD cards which allows for further more storage if needed.

It would be great if a third version of this wonderful phone existed with a built in slide-out QWERTY keyboard to attract more business users and people who can’t live without a physical keyboard such as myself.

Nevertheless, I can’t wait to watch a video review of the phone sometime soon.