iPhone: Not Responding & Black Screen

Before I slept last night I plugged in my iPhone to get it recharged. I woke up today morning and pressed the home button to check for any messages and the phone wouldn’t wake up. Nothing seem to respond.

After searching for answers on the net I found out that a quite number of users had the same problem and some of them posted a workaround.

What I had to do is download and install and application called ZiPhone and connect it to my iPhone while it’s in recovery mode and click on Normal Mode (which is located under Advanced Features).

That pretty much did the trick. I just hope that I don’t have to keep doing this often.

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Coming Up: iPhone Posts

There is no reason for me to mention the advantages of iPhones since everyone knows how cool they are and how their user interface beats anything currently in the phone market. Instead, I will be mostly talking about the disadvantages of owning an iPhone and comparing it to other mobile devices I owned in the past. So far, I can honestly mention at least 5 features that the iPhone lacks which is available in mostly all recent mobile devices. But I won’t get into it now as I am feeling a bit tired and in need of some serious rest.

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The Wait is Finally Over, Say Hello To My iPhone

So the package I have been waiting for four weeks to arrive finally showed up on my doorstep and it had my long awaited iPhone in it. I am still playing around with it trying out every feature and every detail. So it might take me a while to post on my experience with the iPhone. There is definitely pros and cons when comparing it to other devices and mobile operating systems such as Symbian and Windows Mobile. But so far I like what I see.