Went Back to BlackBerry Bold

Yup, I switched back to my old trusty BlackBerry Bold 9000 last week. It’s not that I completely switched from my Android Nexus One phone or anything. I just like to switch to my old smartphones every once in a while. It either makes me appreciate the new smartphones more or regret buying them.

The BlackBerry Bold has always been the closest smartphone to my heart (after the Nokia E61, my truly first ever smartphone). The Bold’s keyboard is just unbeatable. There isn’t a smartphone keyboard out there than comes close to the Bold’s perfectly balanced and spaced out keys. It’s a true beauty.

I am sure I blogged about my love for my BlackBerry Bold so I won’t bore you with another post. I left my Nexus One in a drawer until Google decides to give us the new meaning of “next couple weeks/days” to release any update to Android. They’re starting to piss off many Nexus One and Nexus S owners.

BlackBerry Trackball, Bad Idea?

It might look cool and you can’t resist touching it but can it stand against butterfingers? I am not saying that I suffer from a case of oily, buttery, or greasy fingers but sometimes you can’t help it. That’s what happened with me this morning while I was having my first cup of coffee with a blueberry muffin.

After a couple of bites and using my BlackBerry Bold’s trackball to browse the net for some early morning news, the trackball decided to stop working. It would spin but there was contact underneath. No friction what so ever.

Normally I would freak out and start googling for a solution and if that didn’t help then I would be looking into sending the phone for repairs but not this time. Why? Well, it did happen before.

The idea of a trackball looks and sounds great on paper and it performs quite well too but it scores pretty bad when it comes to protection against dirt, oil, or grease that smartphones are always exposed to. And NO, I don’t work in a kitchen nor am I messy when I eat.

So what do you do if your trackball stopped working due to oily greasy fingers? Well, you just need to clean it. A simple continuous wipe with a napkin over the trackball until it covers the entire surface of the ball will get it working again (at least this way worked for me twice). And if that didn’t work, then you either send it in for repairs or try to take the trackball apart and attempt to clean it yourself (something I advice against).

That being said, I also have heard and read about many BlackBerry users out there complaining about their trackball being either loose, squeaky, not working, etc. Therefore I totally see RIM replacing it with some other input device…oh wait a minute, they already did with the Storm. Oh well, we all learn from our mistakes.

But I must admit that I like the trackball’s backlight which gives it that ‘pearl’ effect. I think it’s soooo purty!

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Thoughts on BlackBerry Home Screens

Wouldn’t it be great if BlackBerry devices came with a ‘Today’ home screen that displayed the users appointments, tasks, notes, and latest messages? Of course you might say that I can download those customized home screens from other third party companies as themes and install them on my BlackBerry. But my main question here is why didn’t BlackBerry include this type of home screen with all their devices since most of their users are business men and women who would find it extremely helpful?

I switched to a BlackBerry Bold from a Nokia E61 and that type of home screen was built into the E61’s OS and it was ON by default. Why? Because the Nokia E-series is built and marketed for the business sector (unlike the N-series). Aren’t BlackBerrys on the same route? If it is, then why didn’t BlackBerry see that useful when it was implemented on previous and successful Nokia E-series models?

To close that thought, I just want to point out to BlackBerry that most of their users would love to see a ‘Today’ type home screen built into their BlackBerry OS on any of their future devices. Make it configurable. Let the user decide if he or she doesn’t need it. But don’t neglect or ignore the fact that it isn’t necessary.

Input System Error on BlackBerry Bold

This is the first time I get an error on my BlackBerry Bold. As I was browsing the internet I decided to check out the mobile version of the Yellow Pages (http://m.yellowpages.ca). After I entered in my search criteria and hit search I got an error message saying: Input System error. The system is being restarted. 

I waited for the device to restart or even for the message to go away but nothing happened. So naturally I switched to the Home screen using the handy built in task manager and then I tried opening up the browser again. The message seemed to disappear. So I decided to give the Yellow Pages another try and see if I get the same error.

I entered in the url again, I typed my search criteria and hit search. This time the search results showed up on the screen without any error messages. For all I know it could’ve been a random one-time system glitch that I may never see again.

That being said, and as I mentioned before, this is honestly the first error message I got on my Bold ever since I bought the device more than a month ago. And it seems that the Bold was able to overcome the glitch without rebooting or getting stuck. Impressive? I guess so.

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The Storm is Coming

I don’t think I will ever say that I regret getting my BlackBerry Bold because it’s such a great device and I enjoy using it. But when I read all about the new BlackBerry Storm and especially its unique touch screen, I start to feel a bit jealous.

Maybe if I waited a couple of more months before getting the Bold then I would be purchasing the Storm instead. But then again if it wasn’t for the Bold I wouldn’t have given any kind of interest in any BlackBerry. The Bold was the key that unlocked that BlackBerry door for me.

I still would love to try out the new BlackBerry Storm, but my next phone upgrade is still very far away and I am sure by that time there will be other more exciting mobile devices out there.

Windows Mobile 6.5 should be officially announced soon which means HTC will be busy manufacturing Windows Mobile devices next year as well as the next generation of Android phones (G2). The year 2008 was certainly dominated by Apple’s iPhone and I think 2009 will most likely be overtaken by the next generation of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile phones. Or at least I hope so.