Flying with Windows Live for the Holidays

After several days of thinking out loud with the family we decided to go overseas to visit our relatives in Syria. Being that we are the only ‘Eltawil’ family in Canada, we had no option but to spend an arm and a leg to be with our relatives during the holidays. God, oh please god make it worth every penny!

So, after it’s been confirmed, approved and given the green light, I sparked up my Windows Live Calendar and added in the necessary entries that represents my flight’s itinerary. It would’ve been awesome if my BlackBerry Bold gets the latest changes done to my Windows Live Calendar and syncs it with my BlackBerry’s calendar. But until that dream comes true, I have to enter the dates into my BlackBerry’s calendar manually…again.

Usually whenever I travel anywhere out of town, I will eventually be forced (either by a friend, relative or most likely a family member running after me with a stick) to take a couple of pictures. Those pictures will eventually find their way on my Windows Live Spaces account either by sending them directly from my BlackBerry Bold using the built in camera or by uploading them from my digital camera directly into Spaces using the quick-n-easy upload tool.

Since I like to blog often, I will be updating my Windows Live Spaces blog using (as always) my BlackBerry Bold. Like when I am on the way to the airport, checking in my luggage, waiting for my plane, entering the plane, sitting in the plane and getting yelled at by the flight attendant to shut off my BlackBerry while the plane is taking off. Yeah, somewhere along those lines, I will be definitely blogging about them. Compose email, type it and send it to my blog’s email. Voila! A new blog entry has been created and is almost instantly displayed on my blog. You wouldn’t even know it was written thousands of miles away from home (hopefully when I land safely)!

Keeping track of my email using only PCs is something of the past. My phone will be with me and it will push any new email that arrives in my Windows Live Hotmail account to my BlackBerry Bold (or at least I hope it still does that overseas, if not, back to PCs I guess). Open email, read it, hit reply, type away and send. All from the comfort of a third world country café.

Windows Live Contacts will definitely come in handy when I get introduced for the first time ever to the many (many many many) relatives I will meet in Syria. Adding their contact information into Windows Live Contacts will definitely provide a guarantee to me that I’ll be able to get back in touch with them and see what they’re up to on Windows Live Messenger. Let the video chatting begin!

In the end, no matter how far or close your travels are during the holidays, Windows Live will always be right by your side. I mean, why else would I not use all the great and (I have to add) free services available that Windows Live provides? Plus, all services are well integrated together which makes passing data between services a breeze. And with all the exciting updates we’ve seen (and more coming soon), it makes more sense to continue using and fully experience Windows Live.



Use Hotmail To Blog on Windows Live Spaces

So what do I do when I am away from my computer and want to blog? I pull out my BlackBerry Bold, start typing an email and send it to my blog. Moments later, the email is transformed into a blog entry on my Windows Live Spaces. 

It’s simple and straight forward. Set up an email for your blog using the ‘Blog Options’ page on your Spaces account and that will be the primary email you use to send to whenever you need to create a new post on your blog. That’s what I have been doing for a long time now when I am not near a computer and it certainly came in handy many times.

Think of that email as a direct link to your blog and it’s available only to you wherever you are. It’s certainly one of the many convenient options available free of charge right under your fingertips from Windows Live Spaces.

New Look for Windows Live Spaces Soon?

With all the Windows Live face lifts lately I wonder if there is something in the works for Windows Live Spaces.

Lately, we’ve seen a major update for Windows Live Hotmail as well as Windows Live Calendar. But Spaces seems to have been left behind in the scenes. Is it not worthy or is the Spaces team waiting for the perfect time to surprise us all with a better looking, faster and more user friendly interface? It’s just that I constantly use my Space for blogging and it feels that there hasn’t been much thought spent in that area by the Spaces team. I personally see that as a major disadvantage compared to the other free blogging services out there.

There is a tremendous amount of features and options missing in the Spaces blog module especially on the interface side and I couldn’t resist but wonder if our precious Spaces team are aware of that. Plus the major indication that there is update in the works is for the fact that it doesn’t look similar to the recently updated services like Hotmail.

Whatever update coming from the team sooner or later I am sure it’ll have a lot to do with improving the user experience, or at least I deeply hope so.


Display Your Real Windows Live Messenger Status, Please

Here is something that has been bothering me for a while. Actually it’s been pissing me off and driving me nuts and please hear me out on this. Whenever I sign into Windows Live Messenger it means that I am on my computer, one hand over the mouse and the other in standby over my keyboard. So, in other word, I am there. I am ONLINE. I am NOT away or busy. Why? Cause I just signed in. How could it possibly be that I am away or doing anything else? 

It absolutely makes no sense to change my status IMMEDIATELY to ‘Away’ when I first sign in or even during the first couple of minutes after I signed in. So why on earth do people on my contact list immediately sign in with an ‘Away’ status? Didn’t they just click on the sign in button just a second ago? It just makes no sense!

This dilemma seems to be quite common with some of my contacts and I have to admit that it pisses me off. They either don’t get it or are just, quite frankly, plain and simply retarded!

I just can’t imagine that those people don’t understand what being ‘Away’ means. I never change my status to ‘Away’ unless, obviously, I am actually away from my computer. And if I was to be away as soon as I sign in, then why sign into Messenger in the first place?

What’s even worse and heck a lot more retarded is the fact that those people sign in, change their status to ‘Away’ and continue chatting. For god’s sake please tell me what’s going through that ill sick and retarded head of yours! Am I just making a big deal out of this or are there more sane people out there with a similar story?

Get your Windows Live Messenger status right guys! For the love of god, have some internet ethics.

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Life with Windows Live OneCare

Most people, like myself, live in a house with multiple computers. I have my personal laptop, my younger brothers share a computer running Windows Vista with multiple accounts in the living room, and my mother uses another PC in her bedroom. And since I am the one responsible in maintaining a wireless home network with sometimes more than 4 devices accessing the internet at once (including mobile devices), protection becomes a major issue. And that’s where Windows Live OneCare comes to play. 

I can honestly tell you that I wouldn’t trust any other software besides it. I wouldn’t feel like a guy who is in total control of all computers running in my network without OneCare. What I love about it is how it just silently works in the background without interfering with your work or dramatically affecting your system’s performance as most other PC protection software does.

All I had to do is download the software and install it on every PC I have at home and then literally forget about it. I leave it to do what it does best: protect and maintain all my PCs. Windows Live OneCare scans and gets rid of viruses, cleans your system, increases performance, as well as give you the option of backing up your data periodically and a lot more.

When I subscribed with OneCare using my Windows Live ID, I was able to make my laptop the main hub for monitoring all other PCs that I added to my OneCare subscription. I then get notified immediately on my laptop whenever one of the PCs needs an update, cleanup, backup, or any task that needs to run in order to eliminate any sort of risk.

The feature that I love the most is Printer Sharing. If one of the PCs under my OneCare is hooked to a printer, that printer can be accessible to all other PCs! There is absolutely no need to buy a network printer or a special router to hook up your printer to the network. OneCare on my laptop automatically detected a printer in my network and installed it. Now I can use my laptop to type out a document and wirelessly print it to a printer that is hooked to a computer sitting in the living room. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s just awesome!

Switching to Windows Live OneCare a year ago is certainly one of the best decisions I have made and is definitely something I am proud of. I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself how fast, easy, and convenient the software is. All it takes is a couple of mouse clicks for true peace of mind.

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