Is It Time For a Time Out?

Just recently I started to feel that I need some sort of a time out from everything related to the internet, communication and electronics. I won’t be surprised to know that there is scientific word or term that described such a symptom. I mean, somedays I can’t imagine myself living a day without being connected somehow to the WWW. Shouldn’t that be a sign that I am somewhat attached, in a high degree, to the internet and/or mobile devices? 

Recently I have been having this crazy idea in my head about totaly disconnecting myself from the web and any wireless device that can connect me to the web. Currently, I have a smartphone that I cant use to either blog, chat on msn, send and receive emails, as well as read recent news through RSS feeds or directly on a website through a web browser. And I have to admit that I do use all these features constantly and, mostly, on a daily basis. So by giving up why smartphone at home, this would tremendously help disconnect me from the web.

Another device I constantly use is my laptop. Although I do hate the fact that I have to be sitting in a particular way to use it, as oppose to a smartphone, I still tend to spend a lot of time surfung the web on my laptop when I am at home. Therefore taking my laptop away and out of my reach will also greatly help in reducing my online presence.

But will I actually do it? I doubt it. But it certainly makes me wonder. How would my life be without using computers and surfing the web as often and as frequent as today?

It’s Tough to be Broke

Even though I’ve got a good amount of money in my savings account, I still consider myself broke for another three to four months. Which means I won’t be able to buy any cool gadgets for a long time. Which also means I will be feeling misreable for a long time. 

So what made me broke? Honestly, I have no clue. But as it turns out I have spent almost $1,000 using my Amex card. Whatever those expenses were, I have to pay it back ASAP. Which means I will be putting at least $250 (if not more) towards my Amex card every month.

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t usually go on a spending spree using my credit cards. I rarely get into these situations and when I do I always take it seriously and try to pay whatever I owe as soon as I can.

Anyway, on the bright side this isn’t the largest balance I had on my credit card.


UFC 83 Montreal

It might be a couple of days late to blog about this but I am doing it anyways.

The Bell Centre in Montreal was filled with more than 21,000 UFC fans and their cheers filled the air and rocked the stadium. Those people were so pumped up, including yours truely, and we all couldn’t wait to see GSP fight Serra. But we knew they would save the best for last.

After 8 great fights between popular fighters, it was time for the main event that everyone came for. First, GSP showed up and that’s when everyone stood up cheering the Canadian fighter. And when Serra came out the crowd didn’t show much appreciation.

The fight started and GSP seemed to be on top of Serra all the time. As a matter of fact, he completely dominated the fight giving Serra zero chances to fight back. The fight ended with a knockout from GSP.

The joy and satisfaction from GSP’s victory felt overwhelming and I am pretty sure anyone in the streets of Montreal could hear the crowd within the Bell Centre. I almost lost my voice from all the yelling and cheering. In the end, the experience was unbelievable and totally worth the wait. It certainly beats watching it on TV.

Not a Bad Winter

I keep hearing numerous comments on how bad this winter is and how cold it has been and I honestly can’t see any truth behind it. I think people are just used to complain about winter in general even if it was a short and light one.

Sure we had a couple of winter storms, but they didn’t last long. They mostly sneak up on us during the night and it ends by next day afternoon. Long enough to just burry your car under a feet of snow. I haven’t heard or seen any horrible winter accidents through-out London. I mean of course you always get those usual bumper to bumper accidents but thats because of the slippery roads. People just have to drive slowly and carefully. Is that too much to ask or extremely difficult to follow?

I lived through almost ten Canadian winters and this year is by far NOT the worst of them all. If anything it’s most likely to be the least.

I Need Something New

I feel like everyday has been the same for at least 3 years (if not more). There hasn’t been any new addition or change in my life for such a long time. It’s almost as if I have been living the same day every day! And I am starting to get sick of it.

I used to buy new things, like gadgets or clothes, to spruce things up a bit. But lately that hasn’t been helping much. Maybe that too is part of the routine that I am trying to change. I realy don’t know anymore. All I know is that I need something exciting in my life. Right now it feels like there is a huge gap or emptiness inside and I can’t find a way to fill it.

Do I need to adopt a new hobby? Engage in a certain sport? Start to take some work home to fill some time? Maybe catch up on reading? I know there is a lot of options out there but which one would bring some sort of fun and excitement?

This will certainly take some time to figure out what to do. So I have to be patient (something I definitely not good at) and see what happens.