A Nice Picnic at St. Thomas

Today the family and I left London with 4 other families and we went to St. Thomas to have a picnic at Pinafore Park. I never seen or heard of that park until today. It’s certainly larger than Springbank Park in London and it looks a lot better too. Nice scenery all around and it was packed with people too. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Apparently everyone was hungry as soon as we arrived so we layed down the food on 4 benches and started eating. Too bad the pizza got cold but nothing was left over anyways. I played soccer, badminton and volleyball with all the kids and my brothers. Last time I played any kind of sports was last summer. But I surprised myself when I kept on playing without getting tired. I guess the years I spent going to the gym back when I was a teenager really pays off. I definitely hate to be out of shape. Although I am a tad bit over weight but nothing too obvious so far. Hopefully I’ll lose those extra pounds before the winter kicks in.

We just arrived home an hour ago before the sun set. The sun sets really late nowadays at around 10pm. I hate how the malls and most shops close at 9pm in the summer while the sun is still up in the sky! So in general I could say I had a great day. A bit of exercise, socializing and a whole lot of delicious food.

Some things in life don’t come easy

Or is it MOST things in life don’t come easy? Yeah, I think it’s the latter. But you gotta work to get where you want in the end. Nothing wrong about that. But don’t you just wonder sometimes how life would be without giving a lot of effort in accomplishing your goals? Sometimes those goals aren’t too big or far out of reach but they do simply require a lot of patience and perseverance to get to them.
Well, I guess if everything was easily accomplished then there won’t be a story worth telling to your kids. It makes me wonder what will my life be in like, let’s say, 15 years?
This was just a tiny bit of food for thought, at least for my mind.

Sailing through life without worrying

How do you get there? How do you get to that point in life? Most importantly how do you get to a point where you don’t worry about your financial situation? You keep hearing about those couples who board their boat and sail the seas for months and years from one continent to the other. And others who gear up and put all their effort in climbing mountains just so that they reach the top. Don’t they have any worries what so ever?

Do they have a mortgage on a house? A car loan? Are they bound to any contracts? How can they just roam through life like there is no tomorrow? Maybe the real question here is: Is that what real freedom is?.

Sometimes I feel that people live and strive and work hard and sweat just to get by and earn a living. Basically it all comes down to money. Is money all what life is about these days? I mean, just look around you. The malls, stores, banks, restaurants, cars, houses, etc. They all have one thing in common: money. Money creates all that and more. And once you have it, you want to make more money out of it or else all that goes away.

Sure you can go away for vacation for a week or so but in the end you’re coming back and you’ll be working again. And for what? To make money.

I guess we must do whatever it takes these days to live like the rest of us. Whether you’re poor or rich, you’ll always be working or doing something to get some money in the end. If that’s the case (from the looks of it) then how do you achieve freedom? How do you get real peace of mind knowing that you’ll be fine no mater what comes at you?

We try to save money to get what we want and we try to save money for our retirement as well. But no one knows if he or she will live long enough to retire and maybe start getting a taste of a ‘worry-free’ life assuming of course that you have a good retirement plan.

All I know for a fact right now is that I am not free. I haven’t tasted freedom yet and I don’t know if I ever will. But the thought of sailing through life without worrying sure does sound more and more like heaven.

Tim Hortons is facing financial problems?

I felt like kicking that stick just to see what happens.

I was out with a friend tonight and after we watched a movie we went for a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons. When I went to pay a quick visit to the washroom I saw this. And NO, I didn’t take that picture while on the toilette!

Now I know that each Tim Hortons branch is being maintained by the owner, but something like this really puts a bad image to the whole company. It’s quite rare (for me at least) to find evidence of bad and cheap maintenance at any Tim Hortons, but when I found this I couldn’t resist talking about it.

Maybe that stick was just put there today temporarily, but it just proves that a simple wooden stick used to hold up a sink in one of the branches of a multi-billion dollar company can change the way a customer feels about that company.

Oh and I doubt that Tim Hortons will ever face a financial problem.

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Living on the Slow Side of Time

Things have been going either pretty slow or extremely slow lately. I haven’t even blogged for a while, mainly for the fact that my mind has decided to idle and started declining any creativity requests.
What could possibly be the reason? I mean, I have a lot on the go at work (don’t even get me started), my father is back in town (yay me), and my iPhone is back from repairs as well as I just received a new phone from my dad (Nokia N95 8GB). But still, my mind seems to take all that for granted and somehow just wants a timeout!
I even bought a new book to get my mind started again but I couldn’t get past the first chapter. Plus I have gained weight lately (obviously eating out of boredom). It’s like things are getting worse and I am failing at taking back control of my life.
All I have to say is that I am hoping this is a short phase that I am going through and I will be taking some serious actions to turn this curse around and get my feet and mind back on track.