Ebay Item Package Incomplete

I was contacted today by the ebay user who bought my HTC Advantage and he informed me that the package arrived in good condition but missing the ‘Getting Started’ CD. Since I got his email while I was at work I had to halt the investigation until I went back home.

So after searching my room top to bottom I found the CD tucked away under a pile of blank CDs. It’s certainly something unfortunate. This is the first time it happens to me through out my ebay history. But people do make mistakes and stuff like this does happen where we misplace things and totally forget about it.

The CD doesn’t really contain important information or essential software that is developed specifically for the device. HTC just decided to include a copy of the Windows Mobile Active Sync software and an electronic copy of the device manual in a seperate CD with all their Windows Mobile devices despite the fact they could be downloaded easily and for free of the HTC and Microsoft website. Of course this way it would eliminate the need to have an internet connection open.

But sometimes, if not most of the time, those kind of applications tend to get updated frequently. Therefore, in my opinion, it’s better to get it online directly from the source (from the manufacturer or company website) to make sure that you have the latest build for the software. But you have to admit that customers may find it a bit difficult to get to the source’s website.

So anyway, I contacted the buyer back and informed him that I will be shipping the CD to his address, free of charge of course, first thing in the morning. In other words first thing after work.

Laptop Out of Order

For the first time in my life I had to send my laptop in for repair. Usually I manage to fix any problem I face, especially when it comes to software. But when it comes to laptop hardware, I try not to give it a shot. Why? Cause I have no clue what lies beneath that keyboard! Everything is different hardware wise when it comes to laptops. Even if I have a lot of experience fixing, assembling and upgrading PC components, that still doesn’t make me able to open up a laptop and have a look under the hood.

So I went back to Staples, almost two years after the purchase, and made use of the service plan I had. It turns out that it would cost almost $500 to fix it. Thank god it ain’t coming out of my pocket. It was deffinitely a hell of a wise decision to buy the extended two year service plan.

So what’s the problem with my laptop? The screen’s backlight decided to never turn on again. So if I wanted to use my laptop I would have to hook it up to an external monitor to see what I am doing on my desktop. Other than that, there aren’t other major issues.

It probably will take Staples at least two weeks to send it to HP, get it repaired, and to get it back. Fortunately I have two other functional PCs at home to play around with in the meantime. But of course nothing can fully replace my personal laptop.

The wait begins today.

SharePoint Lists Not Showing

Recently I started to experience this problem a lot more often. I open up my SharePoint site using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 and I try to browse to a certain list but every time I select the ‘Lists’ folder it shows up empty.

I try closing down the application and opening it up again but the problem still remains. I was even dumb enough to restart my PC to discover that it still didn’t solve the problem.

But I finally found a workaround. All I had to do is refresh the datasource.

So if you are facing a similar problem simply click on the ‘Datasource’ tab located in the right panel. At the bottom of the panel find and click the ‘Refresh Datasource’ link button, and bob’s your uncle.

Usually just clicking the tab will automatically refresh the datasource and therefore display all your lists.

High Transfer Speeds

Have you ever tried transfering over 30Gb of data from one computer to another over your home network?

Last night I tried transfering around 600 home videos and pictures, a total size of 30Gb, from my laptop to the home pc over my wireless network and it took the whole night to fail halfway through.

Since I am a genius, I did manage to solve the problem. I connected my laptop to my home pc through an ethernet cable and restarted the moving process. Guess how long it took? Around 40 minutes. Impressive isn’t it!

The transfer speed over the wireless network was around 400 Kb/s where as the speed over the ethernet cable went over 8 Mb/s.

So there you go. Always choose to transfer large files over either USB or ethernet cables. Sooner or later wireless speeds will dramatically increase. Keep an eye and ear out for Wi-MAX.

Blogging Without Opening Internet Explorer

As you may already know, there are other ways to blog or post, or whatever you want to call it, without opening up your default web browser. Previously, bloggers had to access their blog site and enter in their username and password in order to add a new entry to their blog site. Now, you have other 3rd party software that you can either download for free or buy over the net that enabled bloggers to create, post, and save their entries without the need to access their blog site.

The ones I constantly use and recommend come from Microsoft. For example, this post I wrote using Microsoft Word 2007. It turns out that Microsoft Office 2007 lets you post to your blog right from Microsoft Word! Just lick the Office button on the top left corner of Microsoft Word, click on "New", select "New blog post", and finally click on the create button. I am pretty sure you will know what to do after that.

The other option you have is downloading Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer. It’s also a free application that is designed specifically for blogging. It has the same look and feel of all Microsoft Office product and it comes with numerous bells and whistles that lets you go crazy over customizing the look of your post.

So choose whatever you are most comfortable with. Personally, I choose blogging from Microsoft Word 2007. I mean, why would I install another application if I already have one that does exactly the same job!

That’s all for now.

My Last Attempt Towards Blogging

I can’t remember how many times I created a blog and shut it down within months. I think either 3 or 4 times now. I even registered multiple domains just for blogging yet still I was unsuccessful in keeping the site active.

So here is my last attempt, I think. I began blogging on Windows Live Spaces before and then left it to open a more blog specific site a couple of times and here I am back again to Windows Live Spaces.

What I will be trying to do is posting every night before I go to bed. And that should be the least I will do. Besides the nightly post, I might post some interesting entries on mobile technology and handsets.

That being said, I will be doing my best to keep my space active whenever possible. And I am not doing this for anyone. It’s just something that I wanted to get into and make it part of my life but without any success so far. But I am not giving up yet.