Internet Explorer, you make it so difficult to defend you

Why can’t you simply play nice? I understand the power and prestige behind being unique but seriously, it’s becoming extremely frustrating.

I want to thank you, IE, for automatically trying to block pop-ups, but when I tell you that it’s OK to allow a pop-up to open please DO NOT refresh the whole page forcing me to redo that whole workflow that lead to opening that pop-up. Chrome simply opens that pop-up instantly when I allow it. Please, do not be different in this case.

The developer tools that you (IE) have built-in are great and very useful, but why should I manually hit the “Debug” button to put you in debugging mode when I already pressed F12. Isn’t hitting F12 enough proof that I want to either inspect or debug something on that page? Chrome automatically puts the page in debugging mode and allows me to make JavaScript and CSS changes without any additional effort.

OK, so let’s assume that it’s fine to hit “Debug” after pressing F12 to debug, why do you still have to refresh the page? Now I have to remember exactly the workflow that lead to the issue that I am trying to debug and hope that I can replicate it because for some twisted odd reason you had to refresh the page to be able to debug any code after I already hit F12 AND clicked on “Debug”. Chrome doesn’t (and never did) refresh the page to allow me to debug.

I understand that you and Visual Studio like one another but sometimes you get too attached. For instance, why is it when Visual Studio is in debugging mode, you can’t go in debug mode as well? I am simply trying to debug JavaScript at this point and not server side code so why should I stop Visual Studio’s server side debugging just to be able to debug JavaScript in your developer tools? Chrome has absolutely no idea what Visual Studio is and doesn’t care if it’s debugging at the same time I am editing and debugging JavaScript in its developer tools.

These are only few reasons why it gets so difficult to defend you, IE. I sure hope by the time you reach version 11 that some of these problems will be cleared, although I won’t be shocked if you stayed the same and insisted on being “unique”.

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