Sunday, June 26th 2011

Windows Phones are great devices and they run on a wonderfully unique platform that seems to simply make sense right out of the box. But of course nothing is perfect and no matter how great the operating system is it also comes with its own quirks.

Hardware wise, since I am using a Samsung Focus, my main disappointment is the touch buttons that I keep mistakenly hit whenever I try to rotate the device to landscape mode to view a video for instance or whenever I try to take a picture.

The other hardware issue I am facing is due to the locations of both the power button and the volume control buttons on either side of the device. They are located exactly opposite to one another which causes me to hit them both accidentally when I try to hit the power button to wake up the device. That usually confuses the device or me personally.

On the software side, I can’t complain much since it’s in its first stages of maturity, so there is still a long road ahead before I could state my criticism. Maybe I could start complaining after Mango is released, if there is anything to complain about.

In general, I do like (maybe even love) the user experience and the concept behind combining similar activities in hubs, it just makes sense instead of jumping from one app to another.

I am certain that Mango is gonna make things even better for Windows Phones, not to mention Nokia’s adoption for the platform over MeeGo.

3 thoughts on “Sunday, June 26th 2011”

  1. Talking about Hub, before WP is released, I once thought the Windows Phone application development is to push developers to make the application into something like plug in module to the OS instead of the usual application (interface of its own). So the application would use the OS’ UI and provide mostly background stuffs and expanding functions.

    1. I was thinking about the same thing while writing this post. It seems like Microsoft is taking away from app developers so far with this hub concept. It will be interesting to see where things will go.

      1. They don’t, at least not in a way I imagined. Applications still don’t blend into the hubs and become indistinguishable from the rest of the os.

        Besides, it’s a great idea for a perfect world but applications with similar function will become not just redundancy but a clutter.

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