HP Palm Major Event Tomorrow

It’s time. It’s ‘the’ day. It’s also ‘D’d day for HP and Palm. ‘D’ as in Delivery day, as in Demo day, as in Dead if they come up short and don’t meet people’s expectations. And also a whole bunch of other ‘D’s if I kept going.

Tomorrow is, you could say, the most important day for Palm’s WebOS. An operating system that never reached its desired and probably deserving potential. It was a great move from HP to buy Palm. Now Palm has a chance to further promote and push WebOS in the market thanks to HP’s never ending cash-flow.

I am really excited to see what Palm is releasing tomorrow. Speculations and rumors say there will be new WebOS devices coming out which I am sure current WebOS owners will appreciate. There might be new smartphones coming from Palm as well as tablets. The more interesting part, obviously, is the tablets since the tablet market is currently dominated by only iPads. Don’t even mention Android. Android Honeycomb tablets haven’t hit the market yet and any Froyo tablet out there should be tossed in the garbage before it further embarrasses their manufacturers.

Tomorrow is the day that marks Palm’s future. Will there be a sneak preview of a new version of WebOS? Will HP/Palm release new smartphones and tablets? Will people have to wait for ever to get their hands on the new devices or will they be available immediately and worldwide? I’ve got many more questions roaming inside my head. Will have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.

Talking About Android Honeycomb

Am I the only one who isn’t excited about Google’s latest and official release of Android Honeycomb? I mean, I am happy that the Android tablet market will now start growing effectively while utilizing something specifically made for tablets rather than stretching out Froyo on tablets. But I still have a grudge.

Google still, and looks like will always, create unpolished and developer grade Android releases. Froyo was a major showcase for an unpolished interface and unthought through OS features. Honeycomb is now another example. Google has over complicated and feature-stuffed their latest release that I can seriously see it unusable as well as unattractive and confusing for the average consumer.

Seriously Google, stop hiring more and more engineers and developers and start hiring plenty more human interaction engineers and professional interface designers. Your customers will thank you.