Android Gingerbread, Anything but Exciting

I have to admit, all the Gingerbread talk and rumors that circulated the web got me excited and eager to have it running on my Nexus One. But once Google revealed to the world the new Android release, my excitement mostly diminished.

The Gingerbread Android update is barely a cheap minor UI refresh to Froyo. Nothing major and nothing worth bragging about, as far as I am concerned. I am sure my Nexus One will be among the first devices to get the update yet you won’t find me jumping from joy as I play around with the new build.

One of the things that disappointed me is the fact that Android Gingerbread still won’t fully support the Arabic language. No Arabic keyboard and no full Arabic text display in the browser or within the SMS Messaging app. The Arabic letters will still be displayed separately in a non-joined format. I mean, how long has Android been around? It took Apple less than one year to fully support Arabic and a range of other languages on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Android has been around for more than two years yet it fully supports just a handful of languages.

Another thing that disappoints me is the final finish of the Android UI. No matter how many times Google updates Android and releases new builds the user interface still feels like developer grade. I’ve heard these comments multiple times from twitter users and across many tech blogs where Google seems to afford $6 billion company buyouts yet they can’t afford to hire professional UI designers for Android. And it clearly shows.

2 thoughts on “Android Gingerbread, Anything but Exciting”

  1. Salam Ahmed,
    couldnt agree more on what you wrote..

    what shocks is that 2.2 froyo supported arabic nicely,, how come newer version 2.3 gingerbread falls back instead of improving support!!!

    1. I feel your frustration. It’s one of the reasons why I had to move away from Android. Google will always remain a Search and Advertising company. Consumers and their needs is the last thing on their mind, unless it generates them more profits.

      I am still shocked that they still won’t support Arabic (or any left to right languages) in Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

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