Attaching Expression Web 4 to Team Foundation 2010

Expression Web is a great website development environment that could entirely replace Adobe Dreamweaver if you have the courage to make the jump. One great feature in Expression Web is the ability to work off Team Foundation 2010. But Microsoft’s doesn’t really show you how to enable source control in Expression Web 4 in order to hook your website to TFS 2010. They do tell you that you need to install Team Explorer 2008 or 2010 and that will enable source control in Expression Web. But that didn’t work for me and many others on the internet trying to do the same thing.

So after days of searching the web for a solution, I went to Twitter for help. Apparently Microsoft Expression has an official twitter account for the entire Expression community at @MSExpression. After explaining my dilemma to one of the account representatives they managed to lead me to a Google Blogger blog post that had the answer.

Thanks to the post’s author on

Attaching Microsoft Expression Web 4 to a Team Foundation Server 2010 project is very simple but NOT intuitive.

(Assumes you have created a web in Visual Studio 2010)
1. Open Expression Web 4.
2. Site (top tool bar) > Manage Sites List… > Add > point to the root directory of the website in the filesystem.
3. Save
4. Site (top tool bar) > Open Site (select the site you just added).
If you have already added the site through VS 2010 to TFS and its under source control the Site will open with version control after step 4 and you can checkin, checkout, etc.
Good luck
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