HTC Product Quality

It seems to me that HTC concentrates more on manufacturing as many products as possible over spending extra time on product quality. Many of their new smartphones (starting with the Nexus One) suffer from hardware issues. Whether it’s screen responsiveness or soft button feedback.

I also noticed that HTC doesn’t spend extra time in testing their smartphones in real world situations especially when it comes to the design of the smartphone itself. Many of them have a protruding camera enclosure that causes the phone to not sit flush on a flat surface. The speakers are usually located on the top back of the device which means it can be easily covered with your hands when holding the phone. Plus, many people prefer to flip the phone over on the table (screen facing bottom) to protect the screen and for privacy reasons yet the phone’s front isn’t flush with any flat surface which causes certain areas of the phone to get scratched quickly.

It just feels that HTC just wants to focus on quantity rather on hardware quality.

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