Add CAPTCHA to BlogEngine.NET

Recently I added a blog module to my company’s website and I used as the blogging platform, mainly because it’s free. But a week after the module was implemented, I started getting loads of spam a day. In the beginning I thought they were real comments on the posts but it turns out they all had websites associated with their names that was advertising products and services from different parts of the world.

I was under the impression that BlogEngine already had a spam filter built in (as extensions) and it did, but unfortunately it wasn’t catching most of the spam. I was surprised to see that BlogEngine lacked a captcha extension, but instead has recaptcha that still didn’t stop all the spam from passing through.

After some Googling, I realized BlogEngine users had to add captcha manually to the platform as there was no extension available. There are a couple of websites that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to implement a captcha function in your blog but the one that was easiest to follow and worked from the first try was the post titled “How to Block Spam Comments in BlogEngine.NET” from Code Capers.

Adding captcha seems to solve the spam issue for now, although it is quite annoying to type in those barely visible letters every time you want to comment. It’s a temporary solution for now till I research other ways to kill spam.

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