Multi Line SIM Cards

It’s the real solution. Why leave the smartphone manufacturers decide to create single or dual SIM smartphones or cellphones? It should be up to the consumer and their wireless provider. If we left it to the manufacturers, then we will end up with cellphones holding more and more SIM cards. The cellphone design complexity will continuously elevate as the number of SIM slots increase.

The solution is with the wireless providers. SIM cards should evolve and incorporate a multi line structure. We’re at a time where many consumers hold two lines; a personal line and a work line. Consumers shouldn’t invest in buying another cellphone made to accept duals SIMs but instead give a call to their wireless provider simply ask to add another line to their current SIM card.

I don’t see why this couldn’t be possible. People already can change their phone numbers associated with their SIM card over the phone with a call to their wireless provider. Therefore the base of the technology is already in place. It’s a matter of improving on the technology and adding the necessary features to make it happen.

Even if this idea required cellphone manufacturers to redesign the SIM slot structure, it will still not involve adding more SIM slots and possibly compromise on battery size or other hardware components.

I believe this concept will eventually be implemented to solve the dual line per cellphone issue. The dual SIM cellphones available today is merely a temporary solution. It’s just a matter of time till we see a real solution.

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