WebOS should have been a game changer

What happened to Palm was really sad. Palm had a great product. They worked real hard on WebOS. I imagine they spent millions of dollers in polishing it and making it a great operating system yet the company collapsed due to financial trouble. In my opinion, WebOS should have been a game changer. Something that many consumers would love to run on their smartphone and use on a daily basis. I came so close in buying a Palm Pre but the fact that in was a CDMA phone in Canada was a major deal breaker. Plus the keyboard’s buttons on the Palm Pre were extremely small and barely had any click or feedback when I was testing a demo unit at a Bell Mobility store. The screen was a bit small too. But all these issues were all hardware. The software on the other hand was a huge success in my opinion.

They took multitasking to a whole new level with the cards view. All the built in apps looked highly polished and well thought out when it came to the user interface. WebOS literally made the Palm Pre feel it was years ahead of anything in the market. Palm had an awesome operating system running on mediocre hardware, and that’s how their overall product fell short and appeared outdated right from the start.

I would love to see WebOS running on powerful hardware. Whether it be a smartphone or a tablet. Even if WebOS didn’t have many apps available, that’s not a big issue for many consumers. The important thing is the device’s responsiveness and how well it manages and seamlessly integrates your personal and business life through the built in apps like contatcs, calendar, browser and your internet social circle (Twitter, Facebook, etc). And it does that with great ease right out of the box.

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