Google Android Shines with Motorola Droid

I always hated the fact that all Android devices had small screens. Most (if not all) came with a 3.2″ screen. That screen size is certainly small for a smartphone. Plus, the soft keyboard takes more than half the size of the screen leaving just enough screen to display 2 lines of text (in landscape mode). But then the Motorola Droid came along and pretty much changed how Android devices should look like.

Even though HTC tapped the Android market first, they totally screwed up with the screen size (at least in my opinion). Motorola got it right and now HTC will be following the same path by releasing other HTC Android devices with larger screens (3.5″+). The future for Android just keeps looking better.

In my opinion, for a device to be truly called a smartphone it requires 2 things: a large screen and a physical keyboard. The Motorola Droid has both features plus the good looks. It will probably take forever till we see a GSM Motorola Droid (Milestone) hitting a Canadian wireless carrier, but that won’t stop me from buying it unlocked whenever it comes out somewhere on our planet.

2 thoughts on “Google Android Shines with Motorola Droid”

  1. hehe.. somthing had told me bro.. that the moment i saw the droid.. that youd write about it.. trying to get your hands on it?? any hopes?? i heard it will come with a hell lot of apps..

  2. @nitinraj I wish Windows Live would notify me when a comment is added.Anyways, yeah I had my eye on the Droid ever since it was a rumor. But now that I had the time to play with one at a local wireless store, I can say that the build quality isn’t as great as many reviews suggested. But the QWERTY keyboard is horrible! I am sticking to my BlackBerry Bold until I find a worthy Android phone. Waiting for the Nexus One to come to Canada ­čÖé

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