Early Zune HD criticism

I am really happy to see the Zune HD slowly gaining momentum and attracting people’s attention. I also heard that some stores even sold out in the States. The thing that I don’t like is watching YouTube videos of some douchebag comparing the 1st generation Zune HD with a 4th generation iPod Touch and criticizing throughout the entire video on how the Zune HD comes short.

Those reviewers should try and remember what the iPod Touch was like when it first came out. There wasn’t a lot of apps available in the iTunes App Store yet and the software was buggy, slow and used to crash a lot. Looking at the Zune HD now in its initial release, I can honestly say that it had a better launch than the iPod Touch when it comes to OS stability.

It’s certainly a bit early in the game to start comparing both devices due to the fact that Zune’s Marketplace just launched, still isn’t open for developers and, more importantly, lacks content. People need to give the Zune HD some time to fill its Marketplace as well as for Microsoft to start selling it internationally before they give negative reviews and fill the blogosphere with their Zune criticism.

2 thoughts on “Early Zune HD criticism”

  1. i liked the Zune. it was nice. and im not talking about the HD one. that apps thing is a major set back. especially considering that the competition is a wee bit ahead. its interesting you became a programmer. remember what you told when mona mayan asked in her class back in school what you wanted to be and you said that you wanted to be a clown.. hehe.. the places where life takes us..

  2. @Nitinraj You know, I don’t even recall saying that to Mona Mayan lol You’ve got one heck of a memory buddy.It’ll take time till Microsoft’s Marketplace takes its place in the market and starts to compete. Apple’s iTunes App Store certainly has a massive head start and will remain in the lead for a long time until Microsoft releases an SDK for the Zune Marketplace, unfortunately. You probably don’t know yet, I am not an Apple fan at all, but I am a fan of innovation and competition.

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