Amazon refuses to ship to Canada

Sometimes I really wish I was living in the States. I was trying to pre-order a new HD webcam on, Microsoft LifeCam Cinema, and towards the end of the process I was informed that it can only be shipped to a U.S address so they canceled my order.

Why on earth would that be a problem? I am paying for that product and they wouldn’t allow it. Why would my location matter? Whether I live in the States or not, I should be able to order anything online and get it shipped to my Canadian address. It’s not like Amazon will ship it overseas on a plane or a ship. I am right next door!

The U.S and Canada already share a unique and friendly trading laws and policies due to the fact that Canada relies heavily on cross border trades with the U.S. So why would one tiny product from an internationally respected company like Amazon refuse to send me a webcam?

As usual, Canadians are put aside once again as if we don’t exist from another U.S based company. Thanks Amazon (as well as Microsoft) for ignoring your friendly neighbors and for stepping on us like dispensable objects.

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