TwitterBerry issues on BlackBerry Bold

Recently I joined the ever so increasing population of Twitter and I found out that I didn’t have a lot of options when it came to BlackBerry client Twitter application. The best of the crowd seemed to be TwitterBerry. But I did notice some issues with the app.

One major issue has to do with my Twitter profile picture. Every time I used TwitterBerry to update my status TwitterBerry would reset the picture. And since there isn’t a way to change my profile picture on TwitterBerry I had to sign in on a web browser to change the picture back to whatever I had earlier. This sounds like a bug to me.

Another issue was with replying to direct messages I received on Twitter. I open up TwitterBerry, I go to Direct Messages under options, I highlight the message I want, I click the BB button then I select Reply. But this just makes me reply to the user through my status instead of replying through another direct message. I don’t think this is what the user expects, so I am marking this as another bug.

Also when refreshing the Friend Timeline, the app doesn’t automatically take you to the top of the Timeline if there were updates, I would have to manually scroll to the top to see the latest changes. Another bug? You betcha!

As for the app in general, I found that it does need a make over. It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul but several screens do require touch-ups to look clean and pretty.

One thought on “TwitterBerry issues on BlackBerry Bold”

  1. Hey Ahmed,I tried sending you a PM on crackberry but I am new so don’t have enough posts. I have a question about a post you made there regarding the latest OS on your Bold (sorry in advance for the slim relevance of my question to this post):I noticed your post on the OS Update thread – it seems youtube works okay on your Bold, right? I bought my Bold on Apr 30 and youtube would never work (over wi-fi, I don’t have a data plan). I get to the media player and after a while I get a message saying "An error has occurred attempting to play media". I had some other funky stuff going on with my Bold so I exchanged it for a new one a couple of days ago. The new one does the same thing with youtube. I can play some videos from tinytube but not all. Rogers Tech Support basically says "Yeah, a lot of people have had trouble with youtube lately". Can you view any youtube videos on your Bold using the wi-fi connection? Whether I go to or the result is the same. Any advice? My username on crackberry is mechan8.Thanks!

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