Google Mobile App for BlackBerry Updated

I got notified after launching the Google Mobile App on my BlackBerry Bold that there is an update available. I wasn’t aware of any problems or issues with the application. But when I installed the update, I noticed the dramatic improvements. No need now for the app to open the browser to display the search results, it displays it in the application itself. Plus, you can also switch between web, local, images and mobile results also right in the application. The interface has changed a little bit too. In addition, Google Mobile App now detects your current location for better results. The biggest change or addition to Google Mobile App for BlackBerry is the Voice Search. Now BlackBerry owners can assign a convenience key to automatically activate Google Voice Search which also works if you hold the Talk button while the app is open. Don’t miss-out on all these great new features. Get the update now.

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2 thoughts on “Google Mobile App for BlackBerry Updated”

  1. Came across your blog while searching for blackberry info… lucky you, I can’t view any spaces on my Blackberry Pearl. I blog on a site that I can’t even read from my phone… booo. But I did upgrade the Goog Mobile App today so now I can read all my friends posts on their blogger blogs using reader…

  2. @CHERISH: You can always use Windows Live Spaces mobile site. Just point your BlackBerry Pearl’s browser to There you have access to your Live Mail, People, Photos as well as your Space where you can view your blog and your post comments.

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