Missed my BlackBerry Bold’s QWERTY keyboard

I was away for two weeks and during that period I had to switch to using my unlocked Nokia E61 smartphone since my Bold would only run on Rogers. The E61 had a QWERTY keyboard as well and I used to think that it was one of the best and most comfortable keyboards out there in the smartphone market. But I was wrong.

I actually proved myself wrong when I was struggling to feel those keys. The keys felt like they were flush with the phone’s body and hence didn’t help in pressing the correct letter on many several occasions. Even though the keys were bigger than those on the BlackBerry Bold, yet I found myself making a lot more mistakes. Plus, the keys don’t seem to have a good feedback when pressing them making me always question myself if I actually pressed a key or not.

I also missed the fact that pressing the Space key twice on my Bold would give me a period without the need to use the shift or alt keys. And of course the thing that bugged me the most with the E61 is its poor performance due to its slow processor compared to the Bold.

I keep saying this a lot but it’s certainly true that the BlackBerry Bold keeps proving itself more and more to be an extraordinary smartphone.

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