Is it ‘cellphone’, ‘cell phone’ or ‘cellular phone’?

This has been puzzling me for a while now. In a time where the word ‘cellphone’ is used on a daily basis, typing it in a word processor application, like MS Word, would still mark the word with a red squiggly line under it clearly identifying it as misspelled. But is it really misspelled?

Every time I get to type ‘cellphone’ I don’t know which version of the word I should use. Should I type ‘cell phone’ to avoid the red squiggly line or should I just add ‘cellphone’ to my computer’s dictionary and use that instead?

A simple google search on both words shows that both versions are used. So does it come down in the end as a matter of preference or is one ‘more correct’ than the other according to English in general?

Personally, I feel more comfortable typing ‘cellphone’. I mean, why use ‘cell phone’ if ‘cell’ is an abbreviation to ‘cellular’? So if someone typed ‘cell phone’ it would still be wrong despite the fact that the word processor didn’t mark it as misspelled because it should be ‘cellular phone’ instead.

Someone please help me find an answer so that I can put this dilemma to rest once and for all.

4 thoughts on “Is it ‘cellphone’, ‘cell phone’ or ‘cellular phone’?”

  1. Unless you’re doing formal legal or academic paper it shouldn’t really matter.My own experience, the language I used has a guideline about the right spelling, but in practice, those with wrong spelling is used daily and I believe most doesn’t even realize it. Probably some legal government texts even used the wrong spelling. The difference is between one or two characters usually. :PAh, and here, the term usually used is HP. Not Hewlett Packard, but a short for handphone, instead of cellphone.

  2. I like typing it as ‘cellphone’. As well as ‘smartphone’. Both should be added to the oxford dictionary (if not already). I mean they added ‘Google’ to the Oxford dictionary, then why not add ‘cellphone’ and ‘smartphone’ as well 🙂

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