BlackBerry Bold GPS Performance

Apparently I underestimated my Bold’s GPS. I always used to think that it won’t be able to get my location while I am inside my house. I used to have a dedicated external Nokia GPS module which I used with my Nokia E61 and even then I wasn’t able to get a single satellite signal in my house.

So last night I was playing around Google Maps and its new service ‘Latitude’. I was in bed away from the window (which by the way the curtains were shut) and in less than 40 seconds my BlackBerry Bold was able to get a signal from 4 different satellites. That to me was a shocking surprise!

Considering also that I previously owned the HTC Advantage 7501 (running Windows Mobile 6 Pro) with an internal GPS as well and I could hardly get a strong signal even in my backyard. And here I am laying in bed with the curtains closed and I was able to get my GPS working with a 6 meter accuracy on the Bold.

It’s just another reason why the Bold is such an awesome device.

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