Yahoo! Go for BlackBerry, Resource Hog?

Last night I decided to give Yahoo! Go a shot and test drive it on my BlackBerry Bold. The software looks pretty solid, smooth and has some advantages and helpful features (which I won’t go over, check it out on your own, google it). But what I did notice is how fast it drained my Bold’s battery.

I am not sure if that’s normal or if there is a memory leak problem or it’s simply just a resource hog piece of software. Yet, I see myself going back to using it again because, well, it’s pretty. I simply love navigating through the ‘carousel’ (main menu on Yahoo! Go) and I couldn’t care less of the software’s features.

I wish the Bold’s home screen had the same carousel idea. I totally see myself getting addicted to just scrolling through the menu items. The transitioning between one item to another is smooth, flawless, pretty and (again) highly addictive! You’ll know what I mean when you try it out yourself.

Anyways, back to my main subject. The application does drain my Bold’s battery fairly quickly. So I don’t recommend using it for a long time, at least on BlackBerrys. I did however use it on my old Nokia E61 and I didn’t have any issues.

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