Input System Error on BlackBerry Bold

This is the first time I get an error on my BlackBerry Bold. As I was browsing the internet I decided to check out the mobile version of the Yellow Pages ( After I entered in my search criteria and hit search I got an error message saying: Input System error. The system is being restarted. 

I waited for the device to restart or even for the message to go away but nothing happened. So naturally I switched to the Home screen using the handy built in task manager and then I tried opening up the browser again. The message seemed to disappear. So I decided to give the Yellow Pages another try and see if I get the same error.

I entered in the url again, I typed my search criteria and hit search. This time the search results showed up on the screen without any error messages. For all I know it could’ve been a random one-time system glitch that I may never see again.

That being said, and as I mentioned before, this is honestly the first error message I got on my Bold ever since I bought the device more than a month ago. And it seems that the Bold was able to overcome the glitch without rebooting or getting stuck. Impressive? I guess so.

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