The Problem is You and not the BlackBerry Bold

You know what? I am sick and tired of reading about some Bold owners complain about the device’s battery life. Whether you’re on the official BlackBerry Support Forums or over at Forum, you’ll come across people who just can’t stop complaining about the Bold’s battery life. 

Ever since I bought my Bold from Rogers Wireless a couple of weeks ago, I was able to use it for 3 days straight before the device even started asking to be recharged. So what exactly are those users doing on their BlackBerry Bold that requires them to charge it sometimes twice a day?

Here is my advice: buy a freakin’ computer! Stop using your cellphone for the wrong reasons. So what if it’s a smartphone? It still doesn’t mean that it replaces your laptop or your home PC.

I constantly use my BlackBerry Bold to blog, browse the web for the latest news, maybe check out a couple of YouTube videos every once in a while and I still manage to get through 3 days on a single charge. But that doesn’t mean I completely forgotten about my laptop and was satisfied with just using my BlackBerry. I try as much as I can not to waste my BlackBerry’s battery on stuff that can wait till I get my hands on a PC.

Smartphones aren’t there to replace your computer. If you’re home and using your BlackBerry Bold to surf and chat online, then maybe you should jump on your computer instead. Stop blaming the device and start becoming more aware of how much you use it and for what reasons.

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2 thoughts on “The Problem is You and not the BlackBerry Bold”

  1. My new BB Bold, unlocked will only access the internet on Wifi. None of my 3 providers could help me (T-Mobile in Hawaii, Globe & Smart in PI). Web access is an important feature of a PDA. I will soon contact the FTC and its Canada counter parts.In short $705.00 paid for the BB was a rip off.

  2. @Phil: When I was in Syria, I couldn’t connect to the internet through my provider, yet I was able to make phone calls (on Rogers). So I know how it feels to have a smartphone like the Bold and not be able to access the internet too. But surprisingly, when I went on a trip to Rome (Italy), I was able to connect to the internet through Rogers. I immediately got all my emails as soon as my plan landed in Rome’s international airport.Why you couldn’t access the internet while still in the states? Well, that might have to do with your unlocked Bold. That’s why it’s better to get the device straight from the provider to guarantee it’ll work across all states.

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