Escaping The Unlocked World

I have been a loyal customer of unlocked cellphones for as long as I remember. There is advantages to that and there is also disadvantages. It’s wonderful knowing that you can easily switch between GSM cellphones without worrying about infringing any carrier contracts. But you also get to pay a premium when it comes to data rates and monthly wireless packages. That’s why people tend to automatically fall for a long term contract to save some money. 

Well it seems that I will finally be joining those people. I am not saying that long term contracts are evil monsters trying to eat away every penny possible during its term. All I am saying is that I am beginning to see an advantage in getting away from contractless cellphone plans and using unlocked cellphones.

Recently I bought myself a brand new BlackBerry Bold from Rogers to use it on a 3 years long contract. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am stuck with the Bold for 3 years. I still get the chance to upgrade my phone every year. And to be honest, after playing around with the Bold for some time now I don’t think I need an upgrade anytime soon. It’s a great device that is packed with high end features and I am pretty sure it will take me a long time to require an upgrade. Or at least I hope so.

That being said, buying unlocked phones used to cost me a fortune since they are not subsidized. For example, if I wanted to buy an unlocked BlackBerry Bold I would probably be looking at a $800 price tag. It cost me a fraction of that when I bought it through Rogers with wireless plan. So this way, I get the best of both worlds: a good looking feature packaged device at a reasonable price.

The drawback here is the fact that I have to wait at least a year to upgrade or change my phone and also that Rogers might not have the latest and coolest phones. But that’s something I am willing to live with in order to save myself some serious cash.

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