Windows Live Calendar isn’t available, again

Well, it seems the Windows Live Calendar beta is still a year or two behind the official release date. I just got this error, shown above, today when I tried to access my calendar from my hotmail account.

I don’t know what’s taking the Windows Live team THAT long to get this calendar peice done. And it seems that we are still seeing errors existed a long time ago so it shows that there isn’t a huge effort being put into this peice.

Ramadan Mubarak 2008

Ramadan starts Tuesday and that means fasting from sunrise to sundown for all muslims around the world. That also means no coffee for Mr.Visionary in a place where he needs it the most; at work. 

So what if I get a headache every day for the first week? Big deal. I go through this every year so I think I am used to it and wont whine and cry about it. At least not as often 🙂

Ramadan mobarak everyone and I hope we make use of this holy month to its fullest with prayers.

Please don’t forget me in your prayers and God bless us all.