From 6GB To 300MB? You’re Joking, Right?

I called up Fido today to ask about their limited time data plan promotion. The data plan option costs $30 for 6GB of data. Personally, I thought that’s as good as it gets when it comes out from either Fido or Rogers. So after talking to a Fido representative, it turns out that this offer is only available on selected fido handsets and requires a whopping 3 year monthly plan. So they expect me to use one specific handset for 3 years. Well, that’s when I was about to hang up. 

The funny thing, is when I told him that I just wanted a data plan option for my Nokia E61 phone so that I can browse the web, check email, chat, and use google maps without worrying about how much it will cost me. He then suggested a $30 data option that I can add to my existing plan which will give me 300MB. So I called to ask about a 6GB data plan and it turned out that I didn’t meet the requirements, and then he suggested the next best thing which was, sadly, 300MB for exactly the same price.

I don’t know what to say folks. It seems that the cellphone products are way ahead in technology that the wireless carrier it’s running on. You can get GPS, desktop like browsing, great multimedia features, bigger storage capacity, big bright clear screens, and built in QWERTY keyboards on a single cellular device and it will still not cost you a fortune. But try to get a decent monthly data plan to make use of all those great features and you’ll find yourself spending and arm and a leg on a monthly or yearly basis.

Our wireless carriers are still way behind and will take years for them to catch up. But then again why would they care. It’s not like they’re not making millions in profit by ripping off customers, including yours truly.

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