Rogers Wireless Sucks –

While the world is getting cheaper voice and data plans, Canada’s only GSM network, Rogers, is still offering ridiculous and expensive wireless data plans. And even though the iPhone 3G is coming to Rogers on July 11 as well, Rogers still wont be offering an unlimited data plan (which means Fido wont as well).

Canadians know that they are being ripped off by the major wireless carrier for years (including yours truely) yet nothing is being done to put an end to it.

When will we ever see significant changes in data plan prices? And what needs to be done to see it happening?

Visit and sign a petition to say NO to Rogers ridiculous data plans.

UPDATE #2: is down as I type this update. It has moved to
Please click the link and sign the petition.

Looks like is back online again. Please visit the site and make your voice heard if you haven’t signed the petition yet.


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