Impatient Cellphone Shopper

I know for a fact that several exciting new cellphones will be released during this month but my impatience for getting a new cellphone is getting worse as the days go by. At the same time I still haven’t decided which handset I am most likely to buy. 

The HTC Diamond has been up for sale on several online stores for almost a week now but I am not too much fond of the small screen and week battery. The iPhone 2.0 should be released during this month but, out of experience, I don’t want to feel owned by Apple due to all the iPhone restrictions. And the Samsung i900 will also be released this month but it won’t have a VGA screen nor a special home screen like the Diamond.

I understand that I can never get the perfect cellphone with all the usefull high end features that I always dream of but I still hate to accept whatever came close even if it lacked a GPS, or a built in QWERTY keyboard, or Windows Live integration, or a large 3.5″ VGA touch screen.

I guess I will have to just wait and hope for the best.


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