Rogers Wireless Sucks –

While the world is getting cheaper voice and data plans, Canada’s only GSM network, Rogers, is still offering ridiculous and expensive wireless data plans. And even though the iPhone 3G is coming to Rogers on July 11 as well, Rogers still wont be offering an unlimited data plan (which means Fido wont as well).

Canadians know that they are being ripped off by the major wireless carrier for years (including yours truely) yet nothing is being done to put an end to it.

When will we ever see significant changes in data plan prices? And what needs to be done to see it happening?

Visit and sign a petition to say NO to Rogers ridiculous data plans.

UPDATE #2: is down as I type this update. It has moved to
Please click the link and sign the petition.

Looks like is back online again. Please visit the site and make your voice heard if you haven’t signed the petition yet.


Smartphone Over-Pricing Madness

Planning on getting a phone just for making and receiving phone calls? Then you’re looking at a price range of $50 to $150. But if you are looking for a smartphone or a phone slash PDA then you’re looking at a price range of $500 to $1000. Of course I am only talking about unlocked phones without a contract. 

It’s kind of hard for me to pay more than $600 for something as small and fragile as a cell phone. And the prices don’t seem to be going down as fast as they should be. I mean, almost every month you hear about a new smartphone being released or announced by some major manufacturer with all the high end features you can think of yet the previous last year models still don’t seem to be affected at all price wise.

As cell phone manufacturers are trying their best to keep up with today’s latest mobile technology and consumer demands, they still don’t play it fair when it comes to pricing. In order for a fair and steady competition to happen we need those smartphones to be fairly priced and more affordable (and I am specially looking at you HTC).

Think about the HTC Touch Diamond for instance. The device has features already available in a lot of other phones available in the market today and it’s priced at a whopping $700! To me, that’s ridiculous considering you will be squinting at a 2.8″ screen. I mean, I would totally have no problem with that price if it had a large 3.5″ screen.

Anyway, I am hoping the crazy smartphone over pricing madness would eventually come to an end or else I would have to go back on carrying multiple devices.

I Passed My MCTS Exam!

My MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) 70-541 exam in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Application Development was scheduled today, June 21st 2008, at 9:00 AM. It turned out to be a lot more difficult that I thought. A lot of the questions was based on site and list definitions. The exam also had plenty of questions on the WSS API as well. One or two questions were on solution deployment and several on webparts. But in the end I managed to pass the exam and currently I am waiting for my MCP access code for the MCP site. So in general, it was certainly an excellent way to start off my weekend.

FYI, my only study material was Inside Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 book from Microsoft Press.

Good luck to anyone out there who’s planning on taking the exam.

Nokia E71 is Officially Announced

I have always been fond of Nokia’s E series phone lineup so I was excited when I read that Nokia officially announced the new E71. It’s certainly a pretty device with pretty much all the high end features a business user could ask for. 

What surprised me is the phone’s new size. Apparently it’s a bit smaller and a lot thinner than the E61 but still manages to pack more features. The E71 has built in GPS/A-GPS, 3.2 MP camera with flash, front VGA video camera, and runs the latest S60 Symbian OS. As well as the usual QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

I was disappointed to see the same screen size though. Honestly, I was hoping for a total makeover for the phone’s form factor. I am not saying that I didn’t like the E61’s design (I wouldn’t be using it right now to blog if it was true) but I was hoping for Nokia to come up with a slide out QWERTY keyboard phone with a large screen that covers most of the phone’s size. And I thought this would be the E71. I am positive that I am not the only one who is waiting for a Nokia phone with a screen larger than N95’s screen.

Nevertheless, the E71 is an attractive, slim, and feature packed phone with lots to offer and it certainly proves the E61’s success in the mobile market.


It’s Tough to be Broke

Even though I’ve got a good amount of money in my savings account, I still consider myself broke for another three to four months. Which means I won’t be able to buy any cool gadgets for a long time. Which also means I will be feeling misreable for a long time. 

So what made me broke? Honestly, I have no clue. But as it turns out I have spent almost $1,000 using my Amex card. Whatever those expenses were, I have to pay it back ASAP. Which means I will be putting at least $250 (if not more) towards my Amex card every month.

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t usually go on a spending spree using my credit cards. I rarely get into these situations and when I do I always take it seriously and try to pay whatever I owe as soon as I can.

Anyway, on the bright side this isn’t the largest balance I had on my credit card.