Cell Phones and Long Names

Why do cell phone manufacturers insist on giving their products long names and sometimes a combination of letters and numbers? For instance, SonyEricsson is calling its latest high end phone SonyEricsson XPERIA X1. HTC is calling its latest touch phone HTC Touch Diamond. And Samsung is calling its latest Windows Mobile phone Samsung SGH-i900

Those manufacturers should start being more creative and start giving their products a short and more friendly name. I say be more like Apple and Garmin. Apple called its only cell phone the iPhone and Garmin is calling its upcoming cell phone Nuvifone. Personally, HTC should have called its latest phone the HTC Diamond. Why bother and add the word “Touch” to a phone that doesn’t even look like the HTC Touch?

Another thing I should mention and it’s about HTC’s new TouchFLO interface for the HTC Diamond. They decided to call the new UI TouchFLO 3D. Is that for the lack of better words? Or does HTC lack creativity when it comes to names? Honestly, a 10 year old could have come up with a better name than TouchFLO 3D.


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