Samsung SGH-i900 – Some Concerns

Nothing is perfect. I have yet bought or used a phone that I couldn’t live without. And therefore the upcoming Samsung SGH-i900 won’t be any different. But so far, the phone’s design and specification is appealing to me a lot more than any phone currently available in the market. So hopefully my concerns below won’t see the light of day. 

My first concern is the battery capacity. In my opinion, a phone like this with all the high end features and large 3.5″ display should come with a replaceable battery holding at anything between 1200 and 1500 mAh of power.

My second concern is the large touchscreen. Some touchscreen phones these days aren’t as responsive as they should be. On some phones, users have to press a bit harder for the touch to register since there seems to be a space between the touch surface and the actual LCD beneath it. This is somewhat annoying to me and I hope it won’t be much of a concern for this particular phone.

I don’t care much about the weight of the phone. No matter how much heavy a phone can get, I am sure it will never be substantial.

Another concern is text input. I know that Windows Mobile comes with a built in virtual keyboard but it’s tiny, looks ugly, and you need a stylus to use it. I am thinking since this phone comes with a pretty large screen, Samsung should have included a special QWERTY keyboard that is user and finger friendly. It’s already unfortunate that there isn’t a physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard built into the phone.

Finally, my last concern is the phone’s home screen. No one wants to see the default dull and boring Windows Mobile home screen. A special home screen plugin would be necessary for such a slick and shiny phone in order to seperate it from other Windows Mobile phones.

I really do have high expectations for this phone and I hope Samsung won’t put me down. Samsung is known for its high quality products therefore I hope this product isn’t an exception.


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