Microsoft Mediaroom – TV 2.0

Microsoft MediaroomNow this is something worth blogging about! Microsoft Mediaroom is, in many people’s opinion, TV 2.0. Imagine a world where TV is part of the Internet. That will certainly be something exciting and more entertaining that just sitting on your couch watching. The possibilities are endless since it will also support a wide range of applications which you can run while watching your favourite shows.

Here is what to expect from Microsoft Mediaroom:

Microsoft® Mediaroom™ enables a new, personalized television experience. Consumers can easily find and discover TV, video, movies, and digital media at the touch of a remote control. Live programming and video-on-demand in standard-definition and high-definition formats, digital video recording, MultiView picture-in-picture, music, and photos are presented together with an intuitive on-screen interface. With Microsoft Mediaroom, consumers get the best in TV plus all their media in one place.

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