Samsung SGH-i900 – It’s Worth The Wait

Samsung SGH-i900 Today I came across this post on saying that Samsung is working on a new phone, Samsung SGH-i900. It could be the phone that I am destined to own. The phone has all those high-end features that I want plus a gorgeous large 3.5″ screen (an asset in my opinion).

I will certainly keep an eye on all news related to this phone. Here are the anticipated specifications so far (taken straight from this post on

The Samsung SGH-i900 brings together the best of both worlds, and it does it in style. With a full-body, 3.5-inch (240×400) touchscreen and Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, the Samsung i900 gives Windows Mobile fans a chance to one-up iPhone owners. And, with a feature-set that includes HSDPA, WiFi, FM radio, 5 megapixel camera, TV-out, 16GB of onboard storage, microSDHC card slot, and Bluetooth 2.2 with A2DP – all packed into a 112×56×13mm package, the Samsung i900 easily outpaces the current iPhone’s meager offerings. And, there’s some sort of fingerprint-scanner/touch-sensitive navigation pad at the bottom of the display.

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