Microsoft Office Live vs Google Docs

I am not sure if Microsoft Office Live is trying to compete with Google Docs, but what I know for sure is that I wasn’t totally impressed. Don’t get me wrong, having such a service is always appreciated especially when it ties in with Office 2007 in terms of syncing documents. Plus it’s free of charge. But Office Live still has a long way to go in order for me to see a competition against Google Docs.

On the other hand, Google Docs immediately impressed me right off the bat with their simple, user friendly and responsive interface. They have most, if not all, the tools I ever want to use when it comes to creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations. And it’s all available on the web free of charge. That’s when I started searching for Microsoft’s answer to Google Docs and found about Office Live.

You might think I am leaning more towards Google Docs, but those who know me know that I stand by Microsoft’s products and services. And as soon as I knew about Office Live I immediately added it to my favorites and I am confident that I will be using it often. Better yet, I even started sending feedback filled with suggestions and feature requests that in my opinion will further improve and promote the service.

But the thing that bugs me is the way the Live Services team tends to widen the gap between some of their Live services. I mean, we’re all familiar with the commonly seen Windows Live bar with the quick shortcuts to Home, Hotmail, Spaces and OneCare. But what about SkyDrive, QnA, and Office Live? And even though they were still in beta, shouldn’t they allow more people to use those new services in order to get more feedback by giving users quick shortcuts to the services?

After I visited the Office Live site, I didn’t know if it’s part of the Windows Live services or is it a standalone online service. If it’s a standalone service, then why put a "Live" label on it? And if it’s part of the Windows Live services, then why does it not have the Windows Live bar at the top, and why doesn’t it follow the same look and feel of the other Windows Live services? I don’t know why, but Microsoft got me used to leaving me confused with any new service it launches in beta.

You know something, sometimes I wish I was part of the Live team in order to share and work with them on some of my ideas which I am confident will help improve the commonly used and new Windows Live services. But all I can do in the meantime is wish.

My iPhone Addiction

I can’t seem to put my iPhone down! Is it really a bad thing to be addicted and so much connected to your phone? I mean, it’s not like I make a lot of phone calls (anyone who knows me knows that I am not much of a chatter box). I don’t know, there is certainly something different about this phone than all the others I previously owned. I can’t believe I am about to say this, but I think I am beginning to be quite attached to my iPhone.

Don’t get me wrong, it won’t totally replace my Nokia E61 yet, but it certainly does certain things a lot better and faster. And in a more elegant way, as most Apple products do (if not all).

But I can admit and say it out loud that this phone is special to me. The way it looks and feels. The way it automatically rotates without a press of a button. The way all instances are connected and communicates seamlessly with one another. It’s certainly a beautiful revolution wrapped in an elegant and classy package for everyone to admire.

I got to be honest with you. Before I got my iPhone, I was constantly annoyed by all the fuss and popularity a single phone, the iPhone, had. I started telling myself not to be carried away by the media frenzy. And it did work, for a very short period of time. Until I started to wonder if the iPhone really deserved all that. And it was clear to me that there was only one way to find out. I had to get my hands on it and see for myself.

As soon as I received the package and took the phone out of the black box, it immediately blew me away. It’s unlike any cellphone I used. Everything about it was completely different than anything I have experienced. And that’s when I realized how unique and special this device is and will always be.

The bottom line is: I don’t care if I got addicted or attached to my iPhone. I am proud of owning such a revolutionary device. The experience alone is worth the long wait and every cent put into it.

Ladies and gentlemen, this post was typed on my iPhone.

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Windows Mobile 6.1

You should have heard by now that Microsoft officially announced the new updated version Windows Mobile 6.1, only for smartphones. Which means that all touch screen devices will still be running Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

I think there is a reason why touch screen devices still run the older version. I think Microsoft is planning on releasing a totally revamped Windows Mobile for touch based devices. Maybe something that can actually compete with the iPhone. Everyone knows that technology is moving towards touch based applications and gradually moving away from hardwares such as the mouse and keyboard when it comes to using everyday applications specially on mobile devices. So it would make sense if Microsoft is working on something powerfull in their labs.

As for the time being, Windows Mobile 6.1 looks great and comes with many new useful features. Windows Mobile is defintely going in the right direction, as it seems, and I will be looking forward for more news from the dev team.

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Free iPhone Wallpapers

I came across this site,, while reading an article on some iPhone blog. The site has great quality wallpapers made specifically for the iPhone’s screen size. The wallpapers are categorized under numerous genres for easier navigation.

It’s always great to find sites that offer free stuff but it would have been better if the site was optimised to be viewed on an iPhone since it is meant to serve iPhone owners.

That being said, it’s a great site with lots of free iPhone wallpapers. The only drawback is that you have to save the images first on your computer then sync them to your iPhone using iTunes in order to set it as a wallpaper. Maybe there is a free application out there that lets you automatically download and set a certain wallpaper on the web right on your iPhone. Or maybe this is just another great idea for a potential application to be made available on the ever so popular iPhone Installer.

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