Goodbye iPhone

Yup, it’s time to let go the blonde. It has been one heck of an experience, but not everything has good endings. The iPhone is pretty, smooth, revolutionary, and is a key product for Apple. But I just couldn’t get over the fact that it is restricted and imprisoned by dozens of rules and formats forced by Apple. As I said in my previous blog, sometimes I don’t feel like I own an iPhone, instead I feel like Apple owns me.
I found myself buying a lot from iTunes just to avoid all the pain and hassle of converting my videos and music collections so that it could sync with iTunes (which I believe is a major concern and Apple should be sued for it). Plus, I couldn’t log on MSN since there isn’t a client application out there yet (instead I had to use the battery draining meebo web application and others alike. I couldn’t send emails from my Windows Live Mail account using iPhone’s native Mail client (I managed to only receive them). And I couldn’t sync my contacts or calendar with my Windows Live Mail contacts and calendar, respectively.
And guess what? I can do all that (and more) with my Nokia E61 (except syncing calendar events).
The only thing I will miss the most is the web browsing experience. Nothing on the market so far comes close to the iPhone’s web browser. On the other hand, I know that Microsoft is working on a new Pocket Internet Explorer that should be generations better than the current one shipped with every Windows Mobile device. Also Opera has a new browser (Opera Mobile 9 in the works) which can be considered a potential competitor to the iPhone’s Safari browser.
Nevertheless, this is a unique device with a tremendous amount of potential (iPhone 2.0 is soon to be released with new features) but comes short when it comes to features and usability for power users.  (at least in my opinion).

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