It’s Time To Breakup With The Blonde

And by saying “blonde”, I mean my iPhone. I had fun playing around and using the phone but it’s time to get a “real” smartphone. A device that I can store and backup files to. A device that I can drag-and-drop files to without worrying about file formats and compatibility. A device that I can wirelessly send files to another device through bluetooth. A device that lets me set my own ringtone. A device that lets me copy and paste. A device that sets me free for God’s sake!
I am sick and tired of all the bull shit restrictions that Apple included in the iPhone. Sometimes I don’t even feel that I own this phone, instead Apple owns me. I can’t transfer any kind of video file to my phone because it has to follow specific rules and formats supported by iTunes. So I have to go through all the trouble of decoding and converting either music or video files so that I can sync it to my iPhone through iTunes. And most of the time it doesn’t work. It’s Apple’s way of forcing everyone to buy music and video off iTunes. Don’t you think they should get sued for doing that?
It’s time to free myself from all the restrictions and limitations that was forced into my digital mobile life ever since I owned an iPhone. It’s time to let it go.
Screw Apple, and screw its iPhone!
I am switching to Windows Mobile. Now that’s a mobile operating system that certainly makes you the boss of your phone! It’s just a matter of choosing the right device with the right features.

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