Montreal – Night Before UFC Fight

A while back, my generous boss decided to take us all to the first UFC fight in Canada held at Bell Centre in Montreal. While the tickets and the hotel booking was paid by my boss (a million thanks)  I have to obviously cover my personal expenses. The one hour flight from London (Ontario) to Montreal (Quebec) was comfortable and trouble-free.

After we landed and checked in the hotel, we left and took a cab downtown Montreal where all the action takes place. I honestly haven’t seen that many people in several streets walking and making a lot of noise in Canada. There were hundreds of bars and clubs, restaurants and cafes, limos and cabs concentrated in several streets. And the traffic seemed to get worse as time passes by. And believe me, time does fly by so very quickly in downtown Montreal on a Friday night .

So anyways, after we had our share of fun, entertainment, meals and drinks we headed back to the hotel at around 1:30 AM.

So far so good.

Note: This post was originally typed on April 18, 2008.

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