Free iPhone Wallpapers

I came across this site,, while reading an article on some iPhone blog. The site has great quality wallpapers made specifically for the iPhone’s screen size. The wallpapers are categorized under numerous genres for easier navigation.

It’s always great to find sites that offer free stuff but it would have been better if the site was optimised to be viewed on an iPhone since it is meant to serve iPhone owners.

That being said, it’s a great site with lots of free iPhone wallpapers. The only drawback is that you have to save the images first on your computer then sync them to your iPhone using iTunes in order to set it as a wallpaper. Maybe there is a free application out there that lets you automatically download and set a certain wallpaper on the web right on your iPhone. Or maybe this is just another great idea for a potential application to be made available on the ever so popular iPhone Installer.

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3 thoughts on “Free iPhone Wallpapers”

  1. Those are awesome, added a bunch of these iPhone Wallpapers to my iPhoto gallery!I’ve written a story about this on my blog, kudos to you for sharing the info!_________
    Free iPhone Wallpapers

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