iPhone vs HTC Touch: Incomparable

My boss and I decided to exchange cell phones for the long weekend. So I got the HTC Touch and he got the iPhone. I have previously owned a Windows Mobile 6 Professional device (HTC Advantage 7501) so I know my way around the operating system, the only addition is HTC’s TouchFLO. Honestly, it’s one of the many missing pieces that Windows Mobile desperately needs which is some way to make the interface intuitive and a lot more finger friendly. But once you get out of the TouchFLO experience, it’s back to good old Windows Mobile again. And even though Windows Mobile allows running multiple applications, the HTC Touch can’t seem to handle it because of its small memory.

The thing that is totally noticeable about the iPhone is the simplicity. All tasks are simple, straightforward, and without a single complexity. Even if you have never used a cell phone before there is no doubt that you will immediately get the hang of it. Honestly, a freakin’ monkey would certainly know his way around it in a jiffy. There is barely any advanced options. You can only use one application at a time. Everything is so strictly imprisoned by the Apple people and any change to the system files (which can only be accessed through SSH on a jail broken iPhone) would pretty much either crash the OS or permanently lock it for ever and ever.

In other words, it’s certainly not intended for power users such as myself.  Apple wants you to be a good boy and only use what you see on screen. Period.

But the truth has to be told. There is no phone that does those simple tasks as well as the iPhone. Windows Mobile cannot be compared (it’s way off the chart). Nokia’s Symbian OS is also generations behind. And, from the looks of it, Google’s Android still lacks the finger friendly and intuitive UI.

So if you’re someone who is only interested in a phone that sends & receives calls & messages, as well as a built in iPod, and an internet mobile device for surfing (not chatting…yet), then by all means get yourself a glossy shiny iPhone. Oh and don’t forget to get yourself a case for it since it doesn’t come with one. Oh and a small cloth to clean the screen after every use. Oh and a screen protector. Oh and a pair of gloves so you don’t get it smudged. Oh and…no I think that is pretty much it.


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