Not a Bad Winter

I keep hearing numerous comments on how bad this winter is and how cold it has been and I honestly can’t see any truth behind it. I think people are just used to complain about winter in general even if it was a short and light one.

Sure we had a couple of winter storms, but they didn’t last long. They mostly sneak up on us during the night and it ends by next day afternoon. Long enough to just burry your car under a feet of snow. I haven’t heard or seen any horrible winter accidents through-out London. I mean of course you always get those usual bumper to bumper accidents but thats because of the slippery roads. People just have to drive slowly and carefully. Is that too much to ask or extremely difficult to follow?

I lived through almost ten Canadian winters and this year is by far NOT the worst of them all. If anything it’s most likely to be the least.

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