Sharepoint Content Deployment

One of the major problems I faced with sharepoint 2007 is content deployment. If you ever used the sharepoint designer dataview control in your site, you will face a problem when deploying or copying sites. The dataview control doesn’t seem to be updating the list GUID used in the control. So if you created a dataview in one site and tried to copy the site over to another site, either by using site templates or site backups, that dataview will display an error since the list GUID has changed.

There is a workaround to this problem. Place the list GUIDs used in the dataview between squigly brackets, like this {000000}. But this only works if you create sites using site templates, which leads to another problem. Site templates doesn’t save custom list permissions or security groups. The only way to save these configurations is by creating a backup of the site. But using the backup method wont update the GUIDs on any dataviews created within the site, so what’s the solution?

Ditch the sharepoint dataviews and replace them with standard Asp.Net 2.0 gridviews or detailviews. You will be cutting down the page size by half in doing so and it will give you more flexibility and control over the data displayed. And to copy or deploy a site use the STSADM export and import command line. Simple and straightforward.

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