Wall Mounting My New TV

We bought a new plasma TV a couple of days ago and I decided to wall mount it. It turned out to be a bad decision. Althought the idea behind it is quite solid, yet I just ended up drilling five holes into the thick brick wall in my living room.

So here is what happened. After we picked the TV, we also picked a wall mounting kit that can hold more than 110 pounds with the help of one of the audio & video employee. After we went home and opened both boxes we realized it was one of those wall mounts that has an extending arm which swivels left and right as well as rotate 90 degrees side ways. All that sounded pretty darn awesome until I noticed that it came with only one mounting bracket. Personally, I can barely lift the TV with both hands yet it is suppose to sit safely on an extending arm that is attached to a single bracket. This certainly wont bring me peace of mind when I try to sleep at night.

So I packed the mounting kit and decided to return it tomorrow and exchange it with either a nice TV stand or a double bracket wall mounting kit.

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