Meet the Spartans trailer

Meet the Spartans trailer
The heroic Leonidas, armed with nothing by leather underwear and a cape, leads a ragtag group of 13 Spartans to defend their homeland against the invading Persians.

Sharepoint Content Deployment

One of the major problems I faced with sharepoint 2007 is content deployment. If you ever used the sharepoint designer dataview control in your site, you will face a problem when deploying or copying sites. The dataview control doesn’t seem to be updating the list GUID used in the control. So if you created a dataview in one site and tried to copy the site over to another site, either by using site templates or site backups, that dataview will display an error since the list GUID has changed.

There is a workaround to this problem. Place the list GUIDs used in the dataview between squigly brackets, like this {000000}. But this only works if you create sites using site templates, which leads to another problem. Site templates doesn’t save custom list permissions or security groups. The only way to save these configurations is by creating a backup of the site. But using the backup method wont update the GUIDs on any dataviews created within the site, so what’s the solution?

Ditch the sharepoint dataviews and replace them with standard Asp.Net 2.0 gridviews or detailviews. You will be cutting down the page size by half in doing so and it will give you more flexibility and control over the data displayed. And to copy or deploy a site use the STSADM export and import command line. Simple and straightforward.

Wishlist Item: Blu-ray Disk Player

Now that I got my 50" HDTV ready plasma sitting safely on a beautful TV stand, I am starting to think of what is needed to play HD movies. And since the DVD war between HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disk is over, it’s time to invest in a Blu-ray Disk player and put aside that old DVD player I had for ages. But is it a good time to buy one? The prices now are a bit high so waiting for them to drop would be the wise thing to do.
Can’t wait to truly experience HD quality content on my big screen and so far Blu-ray is my only afforable solution.

Wall Mounting My New TV

We bought a new plasma TV a couple of days ago and I decided to wall mount it. It turned out to be a bad decision. Althought the idea behind it is quite solid, yet I just ended up drilling five holes into the thick brick wall in my living room.

So here is what happened. After we picked the TV, we also picked a wall mounting kit that can hold more than 110 pounds with the help of one of the audio & video employee. After we went home and opened both boxes we realized it was one of those wall mounts that has an extending arm which swivels left and right as well as rotate 90 degrees side ways. All that sounded pretty darn awesome until I noticed that it came with only one mounting bracket. Personally, I can barely lift the TV with both hands yet it is suppose to sit safely on an extending arm that is attached to a single bracket. This certainly wont bring me peace of mind when I try to sleep at night.

So I packed the mounting kit and decided to return it tomorrow and exchange it with either a nice TV stand or a double bracket wall mounting kit.

‘Rambo’ Clip: “Savior”

'Rambo' Clip: "Savior"In this "Rambo" series entry — releasing 20 years after 1988’s "Rambo III" — John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) must leave his job as a Salween River boatman in northern Thailand to help find missing missionary aid workers in Myanmar. Stallone writes and directs.

‘Hancock’ Trailer

'Hancock' TrailerIn this action/drama/science-fiction film, Will smith is a hard-drinking superhuman crime-fighter who enters into an unlikely affair with a housewife. Smith has grown as disillusioned with his once-admiring public as they have of him. Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman co-star.

Feeling So Tired

Lately I have been feeling more tired than usual. Getting out of bed in the morning isn’t as easy as it was before. Some people say it could be the winter weather effect. But I have been through many winters, and colder ones too, without feeling that tired.

Maybe I should start working out again. I always seem to be more energetic when I use the treadmill several times a week. And I don’t even have to leave home since I already have one in the basement. Now, the only thing left is some sort of motivation, or at least a way to make time pass by fast when I am on the treadmill. I get bored quickly when I am working out. Seriously, if I could find something entertaining while working out, besides listening to music, I could possibly go on for hours till I glance at my watch.

But until that wish comes true, I may have to force myself to hop on the treadmill at least two to three times a week if I am looking forward for a boost of energy.

Windows Live OneCare 2.0

One of the things I have done that I am entirely proud of is purchasing a subscription to Windows Live OneCare. It’s basically everything you need to keep up to three PCs safe and secure.

This product does everything, it even makes it harder to mention what it doesn’t do. It’s an internet firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, backup tool, data cleaner, and more. And all this is running in the background without you even knowing it.

This is by far the most effective software I have ever purchased and it comes directly from good old Microsoft. It doesn’t even affect your computer’s speed nor performance like all the other internet security softwares. It just silently sits in your taskbar notification as a single icon.

The icon changes color depending on your system’s status. It turns green if everything is fine. Orange, if your system requires an action. Red, if your system is at risk. That’s it. And as far as the user interface, it’s definitely clean, simple and easy to use even if you’re using it for the first time.

I certainly recommend Windows Live OneCare for all Windows users. You can install it and try it out for 90 days free of charge. Once you use it, you wont be able to live without it.

Intersoft’s Web UI 2008 Package

I downloaded Intersoft’s new Web.UI Visual Studio 2008 beta package and started to play around with their slick Silverlight controls on the weekend. The controls look quite promissing and very intuitive.

I concentrated entirely on two specific controls called the WebCoverFlow and WebFishEye. They were mostly inspired by the Apple’s iTunes application and Leopard in general. But nevertheless, they definitely add a very cool user friendly interface and/or navigation to any website or web application and they seem fairly straightforward to work with.

While I was trying to customize the controls and dynamically add items to their collections, it seemed and felt more and more to me like the package is still in its early Alpha stage instead of the claimed Beta. And that’s based on the numerous bugs and errors I constantly encountered. Not to mention the inability to use the designer tool available on most of the control’s smart tag options. The designer would open but wouldn’t save nor apply any changes you make. Which makes it quite difficult to fully experience all the control’s features.

That being said, I still think there is something solid behind those controls and I will keep checking for any updates available soon, hopefully, from Intersoft. In the meantime, I will continue experimenting and playing around with it.