Thank God it’s Friday!

It certainly have been an interesting week. I got sick a couple of times. I had to deal with sharepoint permissions and object model. And finally news came to me from egypt that my grandmother is in a bad health condition. But then again those aren’t strong enough reasons for me to whine about.

I haven’t played Guitar Hero since my brothers bought it on Tuesday. There is something about this game that makes me hate it or not want to play it. I just think I might go down to the level of punks and crazy ass rock stars if I played it. And honestly, from the looks of it, it doesn’t look that interesting anyways. But since its here, I might give it a shot. One day.

The weather seems to be getting colder now that it stopped raining. It was pretty wild how the rain melted all the snow that was previously there in a very short period of time. I mean now it doesn’t even look like it ever snowed!

Anyways, I better hit the sack.

My Neck is Killing Me

I seriously need to buy a new, better and healthier pillow. I don’t care how much it will cost me as long as I can have a good night sleep as well as wake up without any neck pains.

Every morning I carry with me this pain to work expecting it to go away after an hour or two. But the problem seems to be more serious than I thought.

Anyway, I am off to bed now. Oh how wonderful it is to know that I will wake up tomorrow with another neck pain. My days just keep on getting better.

My Last Attempt Towards Blogging

I can’t remember how many times I created a blog and shut it down within months. I think either 3 or 4 times now. I even registered multiple domains just for blogging yet still I was unsuccessful in keeping the site active.

So here is my last attempt, I think. I began blogging on Windows Live Spaces before and then left it to open a more blog specific site a couple of times and here I am back again to Windows Live Spaces.

What I will be trying to do is posting every night before I go to bed. And that should be the least I will do. Besides the nightly post, I might post some interesting entries on mobile technology and handsets.

That being said, I will be doing my best to keep my space active whenever possible. And I am not doing this for anyone. It’s just something that I wanted to get into and make it part of my life but without any success so far. But I am not giving up yet.