Not Feeling Well

After waking up early and helping in cleaning up the house, dropping off my brother at his friend’s house, volunteering to buy some groceries for my neighbour, and finally taking my brothers out bowling with my friends, I come home at after midnight with a huge headache and aching bones that makes me feel like a complete zombie while lying in bed restless and in pain. I wish if there was a magical medicine that puts me out of my misery as soon as I take it. I already took some Advil and Bennelyn for pain. But could you tell me when do they usually take effect for God’s sake? It’s been at least an hour since I took them and I still feel horrible! Anyway, I just felt like sharing my pain with you and I think I should really stop doing that. I am currently lying in bed with a big headache and I think blogging on my E61’s small screen isn’t making the situation any better. So, good night.

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